Do you feel stressed? Do you sometimes feel your life is out of control and filled with worries? Do you experience physical symptoms and at times feel unwell? Mindfulness can help relieve these symptoms. Learn how to live in the moment; find peace and seek the equilibrium you need.

An ever-increasing body of research, aided by developments in neuroscience over the past 50 year's has shown that the benefits to developing a mindfulness practice are numerous and wide-ranging. They include the following:

Improved happiness and contentment
A reduction in stress and anxiety
Improved memory, reaction times and stamina
Improved and more fulfilling relationships
A reduction in the symptoms of chronic stress
Reduced impact of serious illness
A strengthened immune system

Come and learn more about how mindfulness can help you through our tailored workshops and courses.

Introductory workshop

Through a variety of activities, such as mindful eating, breathing exercises and self-reflection, this 3 hour introductory workshop will give you an insight into what mindfulness is, how it works and how it could help you. It will explain what you can expect from an 8 week course and enable you to decide whether to take the next step on the mindfulness journey.

Our workshops take place in the relaxing and welcoming environment of the well-appointed Elysia Centre in Wollaston, Stourbridge.

8 Week Course

Our 8 week ‘Mindfulness for Stress and Anxiety’ course will give you the tools to minimise the impact that stress can have on your life. Take a journey with others, build up your mindfulness technique and be supported in the relaxing and welcoming environment of the Elysia Therapeutic Centre in Wollaston, Stourbridge.

The course runs on 8 consecutive Thursday evenings and is taught in small groups of around 10, each session lasting 2 hours. During this time we will show you how the practice of mindfulness can improve your quality of life by bringing a sense of clarity, calm and perspective to everyday situations.

The course will give you the skills and strategies you need to cultivate a personal mindful practice as well as giving you an insight into the science and psychology of stress. Through a variety of practical and engaging activities you will become increasingly aware of your own thinking habits and patterns of responding.

A set of guided meditations accompany the programme so that participants can practise at home once a day, six days a week throughout the course. Please note: in order to gain maximum benefit from the course you will need to commit to undertaking around 30 minutes of home practice each day.

One-Day Retreat

MLB One-day retreats (or practice days) offer the opportunity for those who have completed an ‘8 week course’ or ‘therapist’s day’ to re-visit and refresh their personal practice. This retreat allows participants to practice mindfulness for either half or a whole day, taking part in a series of mindful activities.

Our one-day retreats take place in a variety of tranquil settings in the West Midlands. If you have completed the 8 week course elsewhere or have learned mindfulness through a different method, we would be delighted to welcome you to our practice days.

to start yourmindfulness journey.


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