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It may not be initially clear why you would need to consider the health and wellbeing of your workforce. However, the CIPD identified these concerning facts regarding the wellbeing of our workforces:
UK employees spend more than a third of their time at work feeling stressed, according to their study in performance related stress and anxiety.
Manual workers have 2.1 more days' absence per year than non-manual workers.
Stress is one of the most common cause of short-term absence.
If combined with acute medical and/or mental health conditions, this becomes the most common causes of long term absence.

Mental ill-health in the workplace is costing UK employers billions. Mental ill-health, including stress, depression and anxiety, is thought to be responsible for 91 million lost working days each year, more than for any other illness.
- Acas 2012

So it is key to think about the mental health of your employees, and not just in terms of their 9-5 performance while at work. Helping to ensure happy, resilient and effective employees through counselling, coaching and tailored stress reduction workshops has many benefits on your overall workforce, including:
Minimising work disruption due to either prolonged staff illnesses / absence.
Staff who are given assistance will feel supported by you, and in turn are more likely to reciprocate with productivity, commitment and loyalty.
Reduce staff churn and attrition, and the subsequent need for costly recruitment and constant retraining of new replacement staff.
Individuals are better equipped to deal with the pressures and relationships of in-office daily life, as well as in their personal lives.
Resiliency in each of your employees will lead to an improved general office environment, co-operation between colleagues and communication between teams.

To help achieve these essential benefits, Mindful Life Balance offer bespoke corporate packages for self pay and insured clients, working with you on-premise to provide the services, training and support needed for your staff to make their own sensible choices to improve their own wellbeing, and subsequent effectiveness in the workplace.

Mindful Life Balance can work directly with you, your HR department, or through our trusted HR partnerships. For more information, please contact corporate@mindfullifebalance to discover the best options available for you.

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